Concession business plan

Our location here in Sherrill Blvd, Knoxville — Tennessee is very strategic as we are well positioned to penetrate and gain a huge share of the target market, thereby meeting our goal of generating enough revenue and making profit under a year and growing our business.

Sales Projection With research conducted by Prime Concessions, we have come to the conclusion that there will be a robust growth, with profits that will grow fast. I'll be setting up at motorcycle rallies and like venues Starting Your Own Food Business Before starting a food business, let us see what it is: We would be purchasing a trailer in which to do business in, use part of the capital to pay employee salaries and utility bills for at least 6 months.

Our Mission Our mission at Prime Concessions is building a strong brand that will be among the first 5 popular concession brands providing cutting-edge services to a diverse clientele and ensuring that they are absolutely satisfied with services rendered. Completed Applications for Loan from the bank: For example, he did not give a nationally televised address in when Russia moved to send troops to Crimea and eventually annex the territory from Ukraine.

Our first competitive advantage is going to be the fact that we would be purchasing and stocking at least two trailers that would offer customers in different strategic locations, the options of availability. Delivered to you via email as an 11 page PDF file, you'll delve into and examine the details of your new business, how the components fit together, and learn what it will cost.

There is a wide array of food and refreshments to choose from when you put up your own concession stand. In the area of drinks, which is quite popular, the drinks provided typically include energy drinks, beverages, alcoholic and also non-alcoholic among others.

You may elect to rent instead of buy. Create a marketing strategy for your business. To ensure that we conduct an accurate market research, we intend to engage the services of a reputable marketing consultant that not only understands the market but what marketing strategies would best fit our concession stand business.

Another advantage to our business is that we are strict in the quality and type of food that we offer our customers because we understand that this is a sector that would need us being careful so as to avoid being branded in a negative light and therefore chasing off our customers.

The more food you sell, the more money you make. Wherever you vend, develop systems that enable you to lay out the food as quickly as possible.

You can choose to operate a simple hot dog vending cart on the corner or opt for a large mobile food trailer selling barbecue sandwiches at all the craft fairs and carnivals in your region. Therefore the three areas where start-up will be generated are; Generate part of the start-up capital from personal savings Source for soft loans from husband and close friends Apply for loan from bank N.

The food business has a long range of types of food operations. Check with a restaurant supply company or look to a concession stand that is going out of business for supplies.

How to Plan for Concession Stands

Setting up a concession stand can be a good investment as it is not only affordable but also lucrative. As with any business, your income will depend upon the internal and external environments in which you operate -- how well you run your company and how much opportunity is available in your area.

It should be noted that a huge part of the capital will go into paying employees and utility bills for at least six months, buying the various equipment we would need as well as purchasing two trailers with which to run our business.

But putting together puzzle pieces about profitability and expenses can provide some useful information about how much you can expect to earn.

A Sample Food Concession Stand Business Plan Template

Finally, our employees are well paid with a welfare package that rivals that of others within the same category. Marketing is a very essential aspect of a business either new, growing or already established.

While there might not be any need to carry out a detailed strategy on how we intend to fix our prices, we will ensure that we try to make our products affordable without causing a price war.

The first three; menu, booth and venues, influence the other three, and combined, will ultimately control the fourth; sales. I am a cook with a hot dog and funnel cake concession trailer. While there might not be any need to carry out a detailed strategy on how we intend to fix our prices, we will ensure that we try to make our products affordable without causing a price war.

Profit A salary is a regular payment that a business gives to an owner, manager or employee in exchange for work. Finally, you will need a federal and state employer numbers for employment withholding for your food handlers employees.

Jun 29,  · This is especially true if your concession business is a sole proprietorship or a partnership -- because, for these business structures, the Internal Revenue Service treats.

Do you know how to write a concession business plan that attracts funding?

How to Plan for Concession Stands

The food concession stand business is an area that has witnessed steady growth over. Apr 30,  · If you plan to have a more niche and specific menu, a mobile concession business might be the best option for you. If you already have a stationary venue you want to pursue, like a sports stadium, then you’ll want to plan for an immovable stand%(38).

Business Plan Guide for Food Trailers Sticky Post By Staff On January 22, Those who start a business can be described as many things: daring, courageous, managerial, intelligent, risk-takers, crazy, psychotic, entrepreneurs, and the list goes on.

Free Food Mobile Services Concession Stand Sample Business Plan for Concession Stand - Business Plan # If you've been to a fair, festival or concert, chances are you've patronized a concession stand.

Food-concession businesses offer the appeal of earning a full-time income as a seasonal and, therefore, a part-time worker. They also allow an entrepreneur to start a self-employed business with minimal capital.

Concession business plan
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