Float spa business plan

But if you don't want to use them, or if salt water accidentally gets in your ears, we have the solution for you. Can't wait to go back. Although most of us know that tastes, opinions, likes and dislikes are all very personal and individual, we often are swayed by what we hear someone else say.

The interior is completely black but a soft blue lighting is available for those who do not feel comfortable in total darkness. The Salt Cave needs up to 30 sqm space the device can handle up to m3 air.


Sometimes we question our own reactions if they are different from what we have heard before. We created a medical device that is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but it is also safe and easy to use with for all the medical conditions salt therapy is recommended for.

Others might feel confined in the dark tank—if that happens to you, just remember you are in control and can leave at any time. We made sure to highlight the best float tank for each budget range to give you an idea of what to expect from each brand.

This non-intrusive, quiet approach outside the tank matches the quiet self-reliance inside the tank. Sincethe International SPA Association has been recognized worldwide as the professional organization and voice of the spa industry, representing health and wellness facilities and providers in more than 70 countries.

What are some of the possible benefits of this type of rest.

Spa Businesses for Sale:

Will my skin prune or become dehydrated. The most crucial for a new business is to set it up in the right place and in the best way. The tub is made of fiberglass and the tank has a heavy-duty vinyl liner. A 5 minutes intro can be shown about the therapy to new patients and it can also display the concentration, remaining time, humidity and temperature of the microclimate.

As soon as I finally got comfortable I turned the lights off in the pod and let the music take control. We think we have solved the problem by devising tools that allow the tank user to validate their experience without being violated, and the staff to grow by being continually receptive to other realities.

You can use any local contractor team. It is expensive but very worth it. The company is the first to introduce Photocatalytic Oxidation sanitizer and Hydroxy Radicals in float pods to make sure that any water-borne organisms or organic matter will be completely eliminated.

They were personable and very eager to make my experience a comfortable and relaxing one. They come up with such fantastic travels of their own that it seems unfair to limit them. The water is fully filtered 3 times between each float, passing through a hot tub caliber filter 10 micron and a UV filter.

What is the turnover a Salt Cave can generate. Interacting With Floaters The objective of this material is to give you information to help you be with people before and after they float. We do all the works from setting up the reception, other locations, fire alarm system until setting up the cave itself.

Pinterest Email Do you think starting a floatation therapy center is a good idea. If people are asking you questions that aren't on the list, we have found that it is better to answer with an honest "I don't know" than to give wrong information. You may also check our article for nearby float spas.

This makes cleaning and maintaining the tank a breeze. Do I have to stay in the whole time.

Design and plans

It complements the tank experience itself. There are lots of great reasons to join.

Who are we and what we can offer you?

I would choose this tank if I move around a lot or if I have plans to renovate my home because it is easy to transport and store. At The Salt Cave we are operating 14 Salt Rooms ourselves and have over 40 satisfied, returning patients. How often is the water changed. Couldn't I just lie down in a dark room.

Know them and use them. In short, it's a way to experience sensory deprivation, and though it sounds a bit odd, for some people it can be the secret to overcoming pain or writing the great American novel. True REST float spa is an amazing place to come and relax. You go in feeling like one person and leave feeling completely different.

Starting a Floatation Therapy Center

The staff is very kind and knowledgeable. Floating KC is Kansas City's Premier Zero Gravity Float Spa. Located in the Waldo neighborhood of Kansas City, MO, Floating KC offers Float Therapy within a wellness center to Kansas City residents and their surrounding areas.

Using Google map and the business listing is the one way to market your spa business. Google receives millions of visitors from the local searches. People like. However, how frequently individuals visit the float spa is dependent on what they are trying to treat, she added.

Often, a person's body will let them know if it’s time to float, Flaigg said. I have a business plan completed and am searching for other investors but the best way to get started is through the people who will be floating and interested the most.

Looking to start with 2 tanks and am searching for business space in the BayView area. 2. A Tank Business at Home. If you like to float this is the sweetest little business you can imagine. You set up a tank in a room close to a shower, let the word out that you have a floatation tank, and decide whether you want to have people float only on Tuesdays, only in the morning, or anytime they wish.

Float spa business plan
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